Returnships / Return to Teaching programme

We offer a package of bespoke support for qualified teachers wishing to return to teaching. The support on offer ranges from training to update your knowledge of classroom practice and pedagogy, to subject knowledge, through to behaviour management and assessment, as well as other current education initiatives.

We understand that teachers may take a break from the profession for many different reasons – to work in industry, to bring up children, or to take up other caring responsibilities. We recognise that teachers who choose to return to the profession can bring with them new skills and experiences from their time away that can be invaluable to schools, and we are keen to provide the right support to encourage them to do so.

Qualified teachers eligible for the programme are classed as those who have qualified teacher status (QTS), who are not newly qualified and not currently holding permanent or fixed-term posts in English schools or colleges. We also welcome people who, after acquiring QTS, chose not to join the teaching profession but now wish to do so.

Both full and part-time positions will be on offer following successful completion of the programme.

Please contact Maria Stevens at [email protected] for more information or to apply.