Early Career Teachers

SWECET schools strive to offer development opportunities for Early Career Teachers and colleagues in all areas of employment through targeted professional development.

Since September 2021, all early career teachers have engaged with our Early Career Framework (ECF) provision. The ECF provides the evidence base that underpins the entitlement for early career teachers’ professional development. It sets out what there is to learn about and learn how to do during the first 2 years of their careers.

The Framework includes sections on:
•    behaviour management
•    pedagogy
•    curriculum
•    assessment
•    professional behaviours

We have collaborated with the Alpha Teaching School Hub and Best Practice Network to host our ECF delivery. Highly trained mentors and professional tutors support our ECTs to enable them to develop into confident, effective and innovative teachers.

The Early Career Framework can be viewed at Early career framework – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk).