Read a testimonial from Jack Lloyd, Head of School at Stifford Clays Primary School

Jack shares why he chose to teach and how SWECET helped him find his feet in his journey into leadership.

“Since I joined Deneholm primary School in 2014, I have been offered a lot of opportunities to progress my career. The Trust has been instrumental in my growth, both as an individual and as a teacher. I have had the opportunity to work in each of the three primary schools in our Trust and have developed as a teacher and a professional because of those experiences.

I chose to teach because I wanted to play a part in developing children into the best people they can be. When I realised I could have more of an impact across the whole school supporting other like-minded teachers, SWECET helped me to find my feet as I stepped onto the path of leadership. The Trust encouraged me to continue pursuing my passion for teaching whilst developing me as a leader, and as Head of School, I have still been able to continue my passion by regularly teaching each day.

I have learnt a lot from my inspiring colleagues, be it support staff, school teachers or senior leaders who have all influenced my thinking in different ways. I have been able to shadow some incredible headteachers as well as turn to them for advice at all hours.

Ultimately, my role allows me to do what I always wanted: to shape a child’s life. Receiving a new class of thirty small humans and seeing them leave with new achievements and develop as young people is the reason I and many other teachers decide to teach. Now that I am  Head of School, I also get to watch lots of teachers grow as professionals which is just as rewarding whilst impacting on the outcomes of hundreds of children. In eight years, I am extremely proud of my achievements and have enjoyed working with the primary schools in our Trust, contributing to Good Ofsted results.”