We spoke with Hera, IMA scholarship-awarded Maths Teacher at William Edwards School

From an A-Level Math Tutor in Hungary to being awarded an IMA scholarship in the UK, we chatted with Hera about her career growth at William Edwards School.

“My career in teaching began as an A-Level Math Tutor in Hungary. Since then, I have fulfilled my PGCE teacher training course with an awarded IMA scholarship in the UK and progressed to a Key Stage 3 Coordinator at William Edwards School. I’m proud when I reflect on my self-growth over the past two years, owing to both my hard work and the opportunities SWECET provides. In my third year of teaching, I am still focusing on my chosen training topic, ‘Teaching for Mastery’ and I appreciate how it shapes my practice in the classroom.

Throughout the School Direct course, I’ve been inundated with support from other teachers at various stages in their careers. Observing their lessons has exposed me to a wealth of knowledge and given me invaluable insight into teaching. The course requires a lot of work, but it is really reassuring to know that there are so many people I can go to for guidance. I feel empowered by my peers who inspire me every day.

Maths has always been a strength, and the school recognised that instantly. SWECET values my subject knowledge and has given me innumerable opportunities to develop. From early on, I’ve been involved in deepening our students’ knowledge with exciting responsibilities which led me to restructure our Maths scheme. Seeing the effects of this and making a difference in their learning in this way has been extremely fulfilling. I cherish each student’s ‘aha’ moments; I feel blessed to be a teacher when I witness the light bulb flicking on and they solve a complex Maths task.”